Saturday, August 28, 2010

House to House

Women's Grappling Camp is over. Another amazing group of women...old friends, new much learning for everyone...on the mat, in the head, in the heart and mind, in the world. Always getting challenged in some way and somehow intensified and condensed into one week. What a deal! Starting out with the cup of stress overflowing with tears to the trust and acceptance of surrender and floating and feeling the rolling of the waves letting the course of the world play out. And now from the House of Laundry (no clothes dryer in Canada so everything got hung out to dry) back to the House of Ferment.

Can't wait to get back to the House of Ferment and see what has happened. I should have a whole lot of Kombucha tea (or vinegar) waiting for me and some cold and sleepy Kefir bacteriods. Hopefully they haven't died of hypothermia in the refrigerator.

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DagneyTaggert said...

If you make Kimchi I am showing up at your door for dinner. (okay kidding) but I love fresh Kimchi!