Monday, August 16, 2010


takes FOREVER to cook. Forever = well past midnight. ARGGHH! Kelly was right.
In other news...
Earlier today I bottled some of the kombucha tea I've been making in the big pickle jar.
Lately, I've been accumulating kefir in the refrigerator. So I'm making it into cheese. The whey is strained off and what remains is cheese. Sort of a ricotta-like cheese. I'm going to put it as a topping on the "Past Midnight Eggplant".
I also put some in a container and mixed in some bits of the "bleu" from the blue cheese I had in the fridge. Let's see if it LOL.
I'm drinking the whey. Tonight I mixed it with ice, water and some orange stevia. Not bad.
When I get back from camp, I'm going to make sauerkraut and attempt Kim Chee with it.
My house is fermenting.

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