Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Pain of Progress?!?!?

Some days you feel great! Your mind and body are in synch...everything flows and all is well with the world. Other days, it's just a matter of survival...trying to just hold off the attacks...trying to hold off the growing frustration...trying to figure out where you are and what you are doing. Each training session is different. Each roll it different. Everyone has ups and downs...good days and bad. Sometimes it can be several days or several weeks of frustration. It can be an uncomfortable time...but eventually it turns around. You have ups and downs. Both are necessary in life and in jiu-jitsu. The downs only mean that you or your world is changing, trying different things...or maybe it's making you realize that you have to try different things....either way, it is about progress and evolution and leads you toward the next step in the journey of jiu-jitsu and/or life.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Learn how to relax while you grapple. Relaxing doesn't mean letting the other guy "win". Watch boxers or basketball players or any top level athletes. They are relaxed. Even though jiu-jitsu is a "combat sport", you still have to relax. It is still an athletic endeavor and you have to relaxt to perform.
But how can I relax if I have to fight someone? Relaxing doesn't mean not fighting. It doesn't mean not trying to execute your techniques.
If someone is attacking you and you're in a bad position maybe getting smothered or feeling clastraphobic...protect yourself (of course) and just relax. Are you in danger? No. Okay....just breathe and relax there. Talk yourself through it...relax. Then think about what your next step is. Keep protecting yourself. Then move and do what you need to. Stay relaxed.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Smart Muscles

Your muscles are smart. We've all heard the term "muscle memory". If you've been training jiu-jitsu for a while, you've probably had the experience of your body getting to a certain position and then without thinking, it just reacts and suddenly you find yourself with an armbar (or anything else). It wasn't something you thought about doing step by step, it just happened.
When your body learns enough movements, it will start to find it's own way. Sometimes you won't even consciously know what you did...just that is was probably pretty cool and it worked...and if someone saw it and asked you what you did, you might not be able to answer them. Your body learns how to move...how to react. Training teaches your body what to do. Your muscles are smart and really do have memory.