Saturday, October 13, 2007


Time is passing by so's been a while since I've posted...again. I apologize. I've been doing a lot of teaching and some training here and there. Held tryouts for Big John McCarthy's Ultimate Training Academy MMA fight team today.
Here is one of the workouts they did if you want to try it out.

50 air squats
30 pushups
20 shuttle runs
20 burpees
3 rounds for time

or if you want something that includes a kettlebell exercise, try the Crossfit Kettlebell workout from class today:

air squats
kettlebell cleans (left/right)


Anonymous said...

What are air squats?

Anonymous said...

Air Squat: Start with arms at your side. Do a squat deep enough that your thighs are parallel to the ground. You can put something about a foot and a half high that you can touch your butt to (but not sit on or bounce off of). As you squat down, your arms raise up in front of you to over head (outstretched). Then you return to the standinp position. Keep the weight in your heels. Use your quads and hips (think about them opening up with a bit of force). At the same time, your arms swing down past your hips a bit behind you so it sort of feels like it's "helping" you stand up.
Make sure to keep an arch in your back as well as your head and shoulders up. It helps to keep your eyes looking a few feet above eye level. Repeat. Hope the description helps.