Sunday, December 17, 2006


Every year around this time, we always hear how we should not take our friends, loved ones and relatives for granted and every year I try to keep that in mind. What's different about this year is that it's not something I'm trying to keep in my mind but something I'm experiencing in life as I am away from my home and family to be overseas with other family and loved ones. As so many changes happen in the matter of less than a many life changes...marriages, deaths, the celebration of the most celebrated birth, the start of a new year...reuniting with so many so long ago, last seen relatives. Add to that a strange city, strange culture as well as a good amount of jetlag and what a concotion that becomes!
Technology...brings us from being so far away to so close to so far again. Technology reduces the size of the world, yet when you're just trying to make a flight reservation change by international long distance on a cell phone with a phone card and the call gets dropped having already consumed half the card's value...then you're scared to call again because if you get dropped again, you will have used up the whole card you just bought for nothing and it's too late to go out and buy another one...then the world becomes large again. But then you get chatting online and you're right back at home again.
Have a wonderful holiday season.

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Kei said...

In Japan, we still use

to tele-communicate. Takes about weeks to say, "Hi."

It seems a joke, but it is true...