Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Videos Up!!!!

I was at the Fit Expo a few weekends ago and managed to get some fighters to talk to me on camera. Check them out!

Jeff Monson talks about his career, his political views, favorite dessert and what would happen if he went on "Survivor"!!!!
Jeff Monson @ Fit Expo Interview

Javier Vasquez talks about his return to MMA, upcoming plans and life with his new family.
Javier Vasquez @ Fit Expo Interview

IFL Sabre Antonio McKee talks about how he got into MMA and the IFL.
IFL Sabre Antonio McKee @ Fit Expo Interview

Savant Young explains the benefits for fighters in a league like the IFL and the history of the Sabres' team.
IFL Sabre Savant Young @ Fit Expo Interview

Newcomer Jesse Juarez tells us about his experience with the IFL Sabres.
IFL Sabre Jesse Juarez @ Fit Expo Interview

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