Saturday, March 3, 2007

Bow Down

Why do some guys at the academy think they should be able to tap everyone and get upset when they can't? And when they get tapped, they get angry. I don't mean guys that have been around for years and years...I mean lower level guys who get tapped by higher level guys and then get angry, yell, scream and curse. Why do they get angry? When you're new to a sport, obviously the guys who have been doing it longer will be better at it. I'm not going to go into someone else's sport and get mad because I can't make a basket, run a 4 minute mile or whatever it is without putting in any training or practice. Sometimes I see guys who have been around for a bit of time (well, enough time that they should know better...a year, two years...) and get angry when they get tapped by a purple, brown or black belt. I see this kind of behavior as just being plain disrespectful. It is disrespectful to the time, blood, sweat, tears and injuries that are contributed to the mat every training session that it took to get to that higher level. What would it mean if someone could walk in off the street with no training and tap a purple belt? What would be the worth of that belt and the worth of the time and energy that a person has dedicated to training? For the most part, belts in BJJ are earned. The color of the belt is a representation of a lot of time and work put into improving oneself at something. It should be respected and valued. It should be something that re-inforces the common path that is being traveled and that one is just at a different place on the journey. One should be happy that higher belts with more time are tapping them...and teaching them. There should be value and respect for the belt.

In other news, belts are only belts and are meant to hold your pants up (or the gi closed).


Jimmy said...

In other, other news: It's not how you played, it's whether you win or lose. Bottomline, it's all about the W.

How about that Randy guy? Pretty good.

Glen Isobe said...

Why do people get pissed off? Same reason that the high-handicap golfer gets pissed off when he makes a bad shot. EGO. People watch too much TV or too many DVDs and think they are much better than they are ready to admit.

That Randy guy is the best....and he doesn't get pissed off if he loses.

MD said...

Because some guys think the whole point of jiu jitsu is how many submissions they can get.
They pick on new white belts and tap them out again and again and feel like they have acheived something.
But these guys will never progress, they are using the same moves that they know on people that don't have the same ability to defend.
True progession only comes from being placed in situations that you are uncomfortable with or unsure of and learning from those scenario's.
Ego is a huge thing, I'm not sure if I have less of an ego being female, or if I just don't care about the submissions as much.
Every time I train I try to learn one more thing than I knew yesterday.
My instructor never lets me get comfortable, once I am in a place I feel good, he ups the technicality to make me struggle again. Thats how I have progressed, and I like it that way.
Do I scratch out how many submissions I got on my bedpost at night? No.
But I know guys who do!!!

Christina Fraquelli said...

If you don't get tapped, you will never learn anything that you are doing wrong and what better way to learn while you are training than in competition. Yes, sometimes I get angry at myself for doing something stupid, but I also say thanks to the other guy and tell him it taught me what I need to work on again. One annoying thing I found is when some lower belts (white belts) don't listen to advice from some of our higher belts (purple and above) and only to their friends in class. I say, take that advice as pearls, mate. They don't need to help you but they're practically giving you a free private lesson teaching you a new move or how to improve.

Reform Guy said...

Great Blog

I am new to Jiu Jitsu. My instructor is great! There are many of us new students who just love it. Many of us share the same philosophy, "tap early and tap often"

That is the way to learn.