Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Anxiety can get any of us. So many changes in life always happening. Most of the time, we don't really notice a lot of the small ones. It's usually the big changes that we notice. When they are really big, abrupt immediate rock-the-world changes, we really notice them. We can get lulled into a sense of security from repetition and routine. Then changes happen because it's life and, well, they just do. Maybe small ones are easier to accommodate and we aren't even really conscious of them happening. Bigger ones can be like crashing into a brick wall. The immediate, overwhelming impact forces us to go into "auto-pilot" mode and survive. Then there are the anticipated changes...the "what if" changes. These produce the most anxiety. Not just the anticipated change, but it's more the "what if" part. Thinking about all the things that could happen, that's what brings the anxiety. I remind myself that nothing will happen that is more than I am able to handle and the speculative nature of the mind (which is a wonderful thing and a source of creativity) - in this case - is only working against any sort of sanity and anxiety free (or at least less anxious) mode of living. I keep my head down, see what's in front of me and take the next step.

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Dr. Vera A. Brown, DMD, CMT, ART Provider said...

Thanks Felicia, great post. I've been struggling with my anxiety for a week now and all the what if's.
Thanks for putting your own thoughts out there.
I'm forgetting what a "small" thing I'm actually dealing with.