Thursday, February 8, 2007


#1: You never really know how hard they are going with you or what they are up to. Maybe sometimes they will let you tap them. Maybe they are helping you and letting you practice positions, submissions, etc. by feeding you things. Maybe they are working on getting out of their bad positions. Maybe they just want to work on one specific thing and will keep going back to that position even if that means giving a sweep, a pass, etc.
I heard a story about one very high level guy that for a week, let a lower level guy (well, lower level than the high level guy, but compared to most everyone else, still a high level guy) tap him everytime they rolled. Then on the last day that the high level guy was in town, he D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-E-D the lower level guy!!! During the week, he was just playing around and letting the lower level guy do his thing…play his game…but all the while paying attention and making notes on his game. Then at the end, he put the universe back in order…sort of re-set the system.
Remember to keep your ego in check.
Everyone has good days. Everyone has bad days. BJJ is like the SAT's (or what the SAT's are in theory). It's the accumulation of knowledge over is not just what you do in one day during one roll against one person. Training is not about one tap. It's about reactions to different's about your progress....which, of course, brings us back to mat time and practice, practice, practice.


MD said...

Thanks Felicia.
I agree with you, as a lower belt I am very grateful to those higher belts that train with me and give me pointers that I miss along the way. They may leave their arm out for me in a way which helps me see and secure the lock, but I may not have seen with a flailing lower belt.
I try to return the favor by helping out those newer than me, especially if I know they are working on a specific submission that week.
Leaving our ego's at the door is hard to do, but when we all do it the learning process becomes that much quicker.

Jimmy said...

That's why I go apeshit, get the tap on a higher belt and then never roll with them again. I will always have the W over them. I'm jus sayin..

Valerie said...

LOL at Jimmy. Well, I would LOL, but he's being serious. :(

Since it's usually the case that higher belts don't go as hard on lowers as they can, is it okay for a lower to ask the higher to turn it up? Sometimes it's good to have a spar where the higher is making it just hard enough for you, but sometimes it's good, I think, to get completely owned. Not because I'm masochistic, but to really get a reality check. What do you think?

m said...


Is "can you turn it up some?" equivalent to "is that all you got?" No disrespect intended, just trying to help with the topic in:

(Also, I'm a little bored due to being snowed in :-)